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Those that follow me know I get a Loot Crate every month. Each month this crate blesses me with amazing swag and the occasional discount code. I enjoy a lot of what I get, but some of it does not get put to use and sadly sits in the box. I have decided to start passing this on to all of you. I will start with the digital loot that I have gotten and at some point try to giveaway other items as well.

Giveaways will be announced through Twitter so make sure you are following me!

Youtube updates

Sorry for all the silence. As posted earlier I’ve heavily cut back on gaming and will no longer be streaming. That doesn’t mean there wont be new Youtube videos  where you can see my pretty face though. The recent holidays have kept me pretty busy.  I was finally able to sit down and finish my Dollar Shave Club review after unboxing the December loot crate. If you want to check those out they should be previewed on the main page here for a while or you can check them out on my Youtube page.