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Heroes of the Storm Beta Keys

Like many others who already have beta access to Heroes of the Storm I was given beta keys to give out to friends. Since I have more friends than beta keys, I will be doing a contest to give them away!  I will be giving away a Heroes of the Storm beta key every week until the end of April.  All you have to do is re-tweet to win.

Make sure you re-tweet the following tweet. I will pick a random twitter account as the winner. The account must be following me on Twitter. In the event they are not, I will draw a new name. Good luck and hopefully I will see you in the Nexus!

Good luck!

Gauntlet Winner

Doesn’t appear there are a lot of Gauntlet players out there. Or at least those that wanted the code for this item. Hopefully there will be more interest in the next giveaway which is for an actual game off steam, not just an in game item.

Congratulations to the winner of this giveaway for the Gauntlet helm: @TinyTaurus_ They will have until 4/13 to claim their prize!