Drake of the North Wind

For those that tune in to my Sunday mount runs they so far have been disappointing in that no mounts have dropped. I had gotten my Karazhan mount after years of farming just prior to starting my stream, and as posted earlier finally got the headless horseman’s mount as well. I dont have a video for the horseman’s mount because it was a quick run I did just before leaving the house. Didn’t think it would be worth recording but maybe I should have.

If you have not checked out my youtube channel yet, you should go do so. Make sure you subscribe as all the interesting happening on the live stream will get posted there as well.  Otherwise go there now and my newest video is an upload from Twitch with my run through the Vortex Pinnacle and finally getting my drake. This puts me at 199 mounts! My goal is to hit 200 BEFORE Warlords of Draenor hits. That gives me two days to either grind out a meta achieve for the mount, or get lucky with my mount runs. Believe that once I hit 200 I will be sharing my victory with you!