So I finally laid down the money and bought Destiny last week. So far it hasn’t exhibited anything magical or different from other FPS games.  In fact, it is very reminiscent of Halo. Given that Bungie made both Halo and Destiny that is to be expected. The fighting style and game mechanics are all very similar. And in truth it comes across as any other FPS despite its beautiful artwork. I am enjoying the RPG side being added in with gear upgrades and talents. And yet, despite its generalities I find myself enjoying the game. I think a lot of games fall short in trying to have the next big mechanic or something new. Pushing for this they forget that games are supposed to be fun. It may be that I am still enamored with the game in its first few weeks. And I am still working through the story so have not gotten to a stale and grinding stand point in the game. But if the game can maintain its fresh and fun aspect despite the lack of new mechanics, I can see this game outliving the Halo franchise. I’ll post again once I reach max level and am ready to purchase the expansion content. Perhaps at that point my tune will have changed.