As many of you know I enjoy playing Heroes of the Storm. I have been playing since Alpha. My favorite hero hands down is Nova followed closely by Zeratul. Both these heroes are “Assassins” or carries.

I have been playing two different support characters. Malfurion, which I purchased with a bundle, and Tassadar, which I have leveled on his free to play weeks. My plan had been to save up the gold and purchase Tassadar, as I do enjoy playing him. That plan has been put on hold.

Brightwing became free to play again this week and I decided to give this annoying hero a chance. Seeing her being played this hero seems like a boring support throwing out moderate damage and annoying crowd control. After playing multiple matches with her I am now in love. Every match I have done has been amazing.

The healer is a little different than others in that her biggest asset is her aoe auto heal. Through talents you can get that to pulse nonstop for 4 seconds which helps. Other Brightwings seem to misuse the polymorph or CC ability. Rather than randomly CCing other heroes I have found it amazing to lock down a hero who just started an ultra. The aoe attack she does isn’t the best. If it had more range it would be better for picking off fleeing heroes. Its limited range and delayed explosion make it ok for team battles where you can drop it into the fray.

If you are looking for a fun support hero that is able to blink around the map and keep your friends alive then give her a try. This is where my next 10k gold will be going.