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Set backs

“You are not prepared!” – Illidan Stormrage

Sundays stream was a little frustrating. I have been watching about 10 Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion on the auction house. The original plan was to spend an hour on the Isle of Thunder and if the Tome did not drop to go and purchase it. I spent half an hour farming before getting fed up and went to purchase.  All the Tomes on the auction house were either purchased or had expired between Friday and Sunday. This led to me farming rares on the Isle for the rest of the day. I finally got my tome later that evening and started my quest.

I went through the quest line fairly easily. The quest takes you through Outland and into a solo instance of the Black Temple. I will edit my Twitch stream later this week and narrate a walk through for your viewing pleasure before posting it to my Youtube channel.

The quest line is still not completed though. The final fight can kindly be described as a kick in the teeth. After a lot of research I am confident I can complete it on next Sundays livestream. In the mean time I will be grinding away to get better gear as I am a freshly 90 Warlock and my gear is terribad.

Keep an eye on my Youtube channel for the walk through up to the final fight as well as another review video which should be posted late tonight!

Sunday Funday

I will be streaming once again starting at 10:30am PST this Sunday 10/12. As normal I will be starting with my mount runs in World of Warcraft. Once completed (usually takes less than an hour), I will be jumping on my Warlock for his green fire quest. If you are thinking of doing this quest on your Warlock as well make sure to hurry as once Warlords of Draenor launches the title and feat of strength will no longer be available.

Come hang out and learn the in’s and out’s of the quest line to help you carry through it or just to have fun and watch me struggle. As per the title I’ll probably be settling in for morning and sipping the bubbly.

If you arent currently subscribed to my twitch channel do so now and you will be notified once my stream goes live!