New Mic!

So, anyone who has watched my unboxing and review channels can probably tell that I do not have a very nice mic for my recordings. In fact I have been recording from my tablet and using the built in mic. Today I finally bit the bullet and purchased an external USB mic. Hopefully this will help with the volume and clarity of my videos. It’s not an expensive mic by any means but I am hopeful based on the reviews that it will infinitely better than what I have been using. If you haven’t watched one of my videos go check them out on my Youtube page.

HoTS North American Championship

The road to Blizzcon has converged in Las Vegas where the worlds top teams competed to continue on their journey to this years Blizzcon. ┬áThe top two teams in the North American region are Tempostorm and Cloud9. If you’ve followed the Road to Blizzcon matches you’ve seen the rivalry as Cloud9 continuously pursues, but always falls short of Tempostorm.

That table finally turned this weekend when Cloud9 finally defeated Tempostorm in a best of 5 making it all the way to game 5. I want to give Tempostorm all the respect I can, but that final game was not even close. Cloud9 destroyed Tempostorm controlling the map from the start of the game. You can view the game on Youtube on Heroes of the Storm’s official channel.