After some issues finally got into my server for Warlords of Draenor.  The new zones I’ve seen so far amazing. If you have dropped out of the game for any reason, now is the time to jump back in. With a free 90 boost with the expansion purchase you don’t even have to grind a new toon. And for those who don’t know that boosted 90 starts out with decent gear as well so you shouldn’t have a problem in the new zones.

Right out of the gate you are doing an event type quest. Pushing the Iron horde back out of Azeroth and destroying the dark portal. From there you get your own garrison to begin your journey through Outland.  The garrison system so far has been fun and very intriguing. It plays off the farm that was introduced in MoP but broadens it immensely.

You get a new hearthstone unique for your garrison. You are able to collect followers in Warlords who run quests for you out of your garrison. And finally you are able to build different buildings on plots within your garrison which help boost different crafting aspects of the game. I currently have one for jewelcrafting, and another for enchanting. Since I am not an enchanter enchanting mats can be a pain, the enchanting building allows me to disenchant gear at the building.

I should be streaming my game play this weekend. Hopefully they have the bugs worked out by then as getting into the game has been a pain since the launch.