Harvard Cheats

Cal Berkeley is back in the game for Heroes of the Dorm! Harvard was caught cheating in the match against Cal Berkeley. Blizzard has a zero tolerance policy against cheating and Harvard has been removed from the competition. Cal Berkeley’s team the Golden goldenmishaMishas were placed back in the tournament and have been winning matches since.
Yesterdays match against San Jose State’s Droo’s Dudez was fairly decisive. Casters tried to spin the match as being on an even footing. The games are best of three. CAL won 2/0. Both games while they had some close moments never really had me on the edge of my seat fearing that Cal Berkeley might lose. They have moved on to the matches which will be taking place today to narrow the teams down from the top 8 and create the Heroic Four who will go on to compete live in Washington. You can check out the Bracket here https://www.heroesofthedorm.com/brackets or watch the live stream on Twitch here https://www.twitch.tv/blizzheroes